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Since there was no obvious location to put this message -- or that information is, typically, only for "those in the know" ...I'll post here.


Windows XP here; Roxio AudioPlayer 1.1: Going through the tutorial several times makes it no more clear to me (either I was a really dumb college instructor or this is a typical process that looks great to its creators, because they have worked with it in-and-out, but it has no markings of intuitive or reasonable design; yup, I'm grumpy today ... have spent (wasted) more hours than should be necessary trying to get this thing to work, along with trying to get a new printer to actually print an evelope without "paper jam" "paper jam" "paper jam"...)


So: All I want to do is copy my PC iTunes library and dump it into Roxio, so I can play from there.


This is obviously not a click-n-drag possiblity, as that hasn't worked; when I follow the Roxio tutorial: Open Media Explorer, Files, Add Files to Media Library, browze to my iTunes file, Add it, and am informed these files have been added to my Media Library.


There is nowhere, that I can find, to click on Media Library and have a display of what is there -- particularly whether the iTunes tunes have taken residence. So, please tell, am I supposed to confirm that the "add to media library" actually worked?


[Well ... took a pause here and went back to trying something else to accomplish my goal; NADA again; so AudioCentral has been sent back into hiding and I'm back with playing iTunes directly...]


Thanks anyway

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There was a application called Audiocentral (title of the post) in Toast and a version of it in Easy CD and DVD Creator 6.1 . After checking around, I found this which has an update on that page.


The player may be part of it? It looks like Audiocentral player is an OEM from Dell and others as well as being a "free" download from several places. Scroll down on this page. I checked my laptop and the OEM on it was Easy CD and DVD Burning 10.3.xxx. I did not find Roxio Audio Player on that computer but I may have deleted it.


Perhaps the above will jog the memory of the original poster on where the poster got it from.

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