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Hdmi Power Saving Issue!



So I wanted to text the quality of the roxio whilst recording PC footage, however, when I plug in the hdmi cables into the card my monitor automatically goes into power saving mode. I have the hdmi's in the correct input/output configuration and I'm confused as it seems there is no signal getting to the monitor. When I plug a HDMI cable directly from my GPU to monitor I get picture automatically.


Any suggestions?

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Turn OFF the power saving feature and try it???


It isn't really clear from your post but I am guessing you are connecting the HDMI from the RGC Output into your Monitor?


Do you have another Monitor or TV you coudl test with?


Do you know if your Monitor is HDCP compliant?

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Thanks for the response Jim, but it appears to have started working by itself now. The only issue I have at the moment is getting it to record my pc audio whilst allowing me to hear it as well. I have Virtual Audio Cable and know that I can do it through that but I'm unsure about how to go about doing it. I haven't searched yet but is there any tutorials on how to do it?

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