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Sound Editor - How To Remove Pops?

Lynn Lynn


I created a couple of mp3 files using the Roxio Video Capture gizmo with the UB318-E lettering on the back, and identified as a USB 2861 device in the "Digitize LPs and Tapes" application. The source was a cassette tape of a child's singing talent show performance. On the Sound Editor workspace, there is a visual representation of the waveform. When I play a file in Sound Editor, I hear pops at those points where there is a very slender spike in the visual display. Where I hear a pop, there is a spike; 1-to-1 correspondance. I performed the steps that I believed would remove those pops. I selected "Clean" and set the DECLICKER and DECRACKLER at 90%. Returning to the main Sound Editor workspace, there appeared a "clean" buttom below the waveforms. Clicking on it selected the entire waveform. I saw no button that seemed to be a start, go, or begin button just for the cleaning process, but there was a right-pointing arrowhead standing for PLAY. After the cursor had moved across the entire waveform, I exported the clip using a different filename. I expected upon playing the new mp3 file to hear no pops, but they were still there. Bringing up this file in Sound Editor, the waveform displayed the same spikes=pops.


It was easy to trim off the leadin and leadout portions of the performance using Sound Editor, and the resulting mp3 file was as I expected in that regard.


Either setting DECLICKER and DECRACKLER at 90% does not remove pops, or I do not know how to use Sound Editor to accomplish what needs to be done.


I use Photoshop Elements nearly every day, using tools such as the eraser and the "spot healing brush." It occured to me that it would be very convenient if I could just use a tool to go into the mp3 file waveform and erase those spikes that are visually so obvious.


Is it not possible to remove those spikes=pops using Sound Editor? If it is possible, exactly what are the baby steps I must take to achieve a pop-free mp3 file?

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The Sound Editor in the program is not that good for removing the audio clicks and pops. If it were, it would cost more. ^_^


I gather that you don't have the Pro version which includes the IZOTOPE Music and Speech Cleaner. program. That works well. It is ca $40 to buy it as a stand alone.


Suggestion. Download the free trial of GoldWave and see if you can remove the clicks and pops. I think a trial is still available. It is a bit more complex. Note that not all clicks and pops can be removed without destroying what you want to hear. I have used it in the past and it works well. The trial version has the full functionality. If you like it, keep using it until it tells you you can't.

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