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Roxio Burn Feature On Desktop Creates Conflict With Other Software



The Roxio Burn Icon appears when using LightScribe software and creates a conflict by changing the destination for text being printed on LightScribe disks. It makes both Roxio and LightScribe unuseable. I have to uninstall Roxio to be able to use other software. Then I have to re-install the Roxio software to burn CDs and DVDs. Is there a way to eliminate the Roxio Burn feature?

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Are you using separate Lightscribe burning software, or just Lightscribe drivers for your Roxio program? You should be able to burn Lightscribe discs with Easy CD & DVD Burning without any conflicts.


Easy CD & DVD Burning installs a monitor program which runs Roxio Burn whenever it detects a disc in the burner drive. If you, like many others, have no use for Roxio Burn you can simply disable the monitor.


Click the Windows Start button and run MSCONFIG.EXE.

Click the Startup tab




Find the entry for RoxioBurnLauncher and uncheck the box as I have in the screenshot above.

Click "Apply", then "Close", and restart your system.


The monitor and Roxio Burn are now disabled, it's as simple as that. You can re-enable them if you want, by reversing the procedure and checking the box.


You might find afterwards that MSCONFIG will pop up every time you start Windows. There should be a box you can check there which will tell it not to bother you in future. This is also quite reversible whenever you want.







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