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How Can I Fine-Tune The Audio Gain Value?





just recently got Toast 11 (Toast 9 before) and found a problem with audio CD mastering.


In Toast 9 you could either set the gain by full 1 dB steps in the popup, or you hit the option-key before clicking on the gain value and could set it in 0.1 dB steps (like -3.7 dB etc.)


Now in Toast 11 none of this works - I tried any combination of option/command/control/shift, but any fraction that was set before (like -3.7 dB) immediately jumps to the nearest full digit and can only be adjusted by full 1 dB steps afterwards.


How do I set gain to (for example) -3.7 dB (and not -3 dB or -4 dB) ?

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Sorry for the delay in responding. I just checked this out. Roxio changed that when they rewrote Toast for version 11.1. I also have Toast 11.0.4 on my Mac and holding down the option key prior to clicking on Gains enables the fine tuning in tenths. If you have an earlier Toast 11 installer (or backup) you can have both versions on your Mac by renaming the current Toast folder.

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First of all thank you for your answer and don't mind the delay. It took me some time to get notified anyway, and then I was too frustrated to reply immediately.


Yes, I have 11.0.4 (which was thankfully the version of my installer when I bought it). And yes, 11.0.4 still has this feature.


I take from your response that removing that feature in 11.1 is not by any means "a bug" but rather "a feature" as far as Roxio is concerned.


I need to be careful what to write now. It's been a long story and long past of Toast & me. I don't even remember the first version that I bought.


However, this. is. the. end. of. the. story. I promise, I will never, NEVER, NEVER buy any Toast version again. This. is. it.


The shame is that there is no competitor. Since there are lots of useful things that a burning software should actually offer, while Roxio not only concentrates on unrelated gimmicks and then even removes features that would deal with CD burning, one by one. Anybody remembers JAM? It was rolled into Toast, and lots of features got axed by this.


In a last effort to write something nicely after all these years, I would have a final constructive suggestion to Roxio for improving Toast in versions 12 and beyond:


I think Toast should dispose of all functions that deal with burning discs. All of this - CD, DVD, BluRay - should be replaced by cool features like:

- a built-in Sudoku game

- a built-in Twitter client

- and of course, some cool recipes for cooking Pasta that will pop up systemwide.


Cool idea?


Thank you for all the fish, it was a nice time and a nice tool. Once. :(

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