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help required

Preloaded Software Being Uninstalled By Accident?

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Hi ....


Can anyone tell me isit possible to reinstall this software back to my PC which is a 64bit system windows7 home premium ... The software was preloaded when I bought the set up ... I just had to activate it via the product key!!


My son accidently uninstalled it no idea how but I only found out afew days ago.... I can't download the software on the Internet. Because I'm not connected at the moment ... ??


These reboot discs on "ebay" that suppose to set ur PC back to the day u got it.... Will it install the home office & student 2010 ie which was already preloaded ?


Or am buggered ? Any ideas out there ?

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Preloaded by who?


PC's aren't sent to Roxio to install free OEM software then sent on to you.

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Do you have a separate drive section. Sometimes they are put on the hard drive and you can restore it from there. If not, You should have received a back-up disc. If not, go to the local library and use their internet connected computer to order a install disc. The last is least desirable because you may leave personal information on your computer. Also what's wrong with using the telephone to contact the manufacturer's support service.

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