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Roxio Hd Pro Audio Issues.... Can't Fix This



I'm using the HD Pro and Xsplit premium to stream my 360 Gamebattles matches, but whenever I stream, my audio will go through my speakers like normal, then as soon as i move or make noise, the sound will keep repeating..... I don't know how it's overlapping the same audio continuously, but it's getting annoying. I'm using 2 HDMI cables, one in the input, and one in the out, going directly to my Monitor and 360. I'm also using my Astro A40's, so i have the volume totally turned off on my monitor. I'm not understanding where I'm pulling the interference from, but it's annoying and killing my stream. Any ideas? Maybe I have my setting fubared on my xsplit? I love the quality of the Roxio, but this audio issue is killing it.

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