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Trouble Hooking Up My Ps3 To An Asus Hdmi Monitor



Roxio has a rather vague and inaccurate tutorial about getting this set up to PS3 slims.

And after I waited 8 hours for support to contact me all they did was to slap a link in an email, which STILL DID NOT EXPLAIN TO ME why I can't hook this up to my ASUS HDMI monitor... The video tutorial is incomplete primarily because not everyone is running their PS3 consoles thru HDMI televsions and Roxio makes zero effort to address that.


In addition it states that the only additional cables needed (which Roxio is too cheap to provide) is a component cable.

This is obviously false because after purchasing the component cable that serves as the input to the Roxio that plugs into the PS3 console, there are no output components. So I guess they just materialize out of thin air huh ?


Perhaps someone here in the forums can provide a detailed explanation of how to hook my ASUS HDMI monitor up using a PS3 slim.

As mentioned I already own 1 set of component cables which serve as the audio/video input, which goes to the back of the PS3.

What do I need for the back of the HDMI monitor as output to the Roxio device ?

Since the only remaining outputs are HDMI, DVI and VGA those are the only available options and Roxio expects us to figure this out.


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It isn't that hard...


FIRST there are only Two outputs from the RGC ~ HDMI or Component!


That's it!


Pick One and use it to connect to your Monitor. You will most likely have to manually set your Monitor to the the port you are using - Don't Rely on auto sensing...

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Thank you for your reply. I understand that there are only 2 options (HDMI or RGC) however this still does not explain the correct cable needed since when I plug the HDMI in there still is no signal nor does it allow me to change the settings in the PS3 obviously.

And secondly the RGC (YPbPr cables) only have 3 RCA jacks and not the 5 shown in the videos.


Roxio has done a poor job of detailing the easiest and fastest method to set the device up to a HDMI monitor, and all I need is a link to purchase the EXACT type of cables needed for output. from there I can work on changing my settings.

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No you are making this much harder than it is! :D


First you are making conclusions that indicate a lack of knowledge about these matters. The illustrations and videos on setup are perfectly clear.


The Component Cables are user supplied. If yours only have 3 (PR, PB & Y) It is because you didn't buy one with the additional Audio (white/red) on it :huh:

NOT a big deal any 2 RCA type cables can carry the audio, although using White & Red keep it simple.


And you state "...only 2 options (HDMI or RGC)..." This is WRONG! the Pass Through Output available on the RGC is HDMI or Component. ("RGC" is an abbreviation for Roxio Game Capture)


I think your best bet is to get someone to come over and help you set it up. Doesn't have to a wizard, but I have found that when you get 2 heads in there, things tend to work out ;)

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In an effort to provide more detail for someone who might also need help with this later I have enclosed some stock photos of the issue.


1) This is the back of the monitor. As illustrated there are ports for HDMI, DVI and VGA outputs.




Currently I am running an HDMI cable from the PS3 to the monitor.


2) I already have purchased the input Component A/V cable (from the Roxio HD Pro to the PS3 itself). And have that set to the back of the console.




Now assuming that you're saying that I should simply run the HDMI cable from the monitor to the PS3 as the output, I'm not sure if you're unaware that once you do so...you get a blank screen.

When I try to change my PS3 settings I cant because of the screen now being blank.

Also If I try to change the settings to Component/D-Terminal while the Roxio is on and plugged into the PS3 it goes blank and comes back on 30 seconds later with no change.


3) Now obviously since the only way I can use an HDMI as an output from my monitor to the Roxio HD Pro and still have the HDMI from the PS3 go to the back of the monitor itself is if I use a HDMI splitter (which nowhere has this mentioned).




I like everyone else who have encountered this same issue am just seeking a bit of clarity and detail to exactly what is needed to get this product to properly work.


If there is another way, I'd appreciate a better answer.

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Being so condescendent does not help the community.

Its pretty obvious that if everything was so crystal clear then there wouldn't be so many people that experience set up issues now would there be ?

I take offence to you ASSUMING that I've drawn any conclusions when in fact the only person ASSUMING was you.

I DO happen to have the correct 5 lead A/V components. Secondly I repeated your very own words as far as the RGC and HDMI.

You should probably get off your high horse. I took the time to review some of your other responses to people for several hours yesterday and as stated before, being so condescending to people isn't a good look for you.

I was a master control operator for a small television station in the past so ASSUMING, that I or anyone else that comes here looking for help has a lack of knowledge makes as much sense as two left shoes.


Just because you've nestled into a forum to provide answers doesn't equip you with the right to down talk people.


Considering that I followed the detailed directions VERBATIM and its still not working then its a safe bet that in some cases (which seem to actually be the norm) that it is HARDER than it seems.


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Its always someone like you in every forum, a condescending mini mod. I have tried VERBATIM every single step by step provided along with several hours of different video tutorials as well.

Obviously what hasnt been addressed is something so simple that self imposed know it all's keep missing when people come here for help.


If you are using an HDMI cable from the PS3 to the monitor, once you plug the HDMI cable into the Roxio HDMI output, then your monitor goes blue and you CANNOT adjust the PS3 Video Output settings from the PS3. (EVEN IF COMPONENT IS SELECTED in the roxio capture app).


Why is that so hard to fathom ?

And better yet how is it expected that we can change the PS3 settings after that without plugging the HDMI cable right back into the PS3 output ? Especially when we are supposed to have it in the Roxio output ?


How much sense does that make ?


I have the A/V component cable installed in the back of the PS3...but the moment you insert the HDMI to the Roxio by removing it from the PS3 the monitor goes blue...DUH !


Screw it...if this is how Roxio extends support with a bitter, know it all, old man that is rude to people, I'll just take the #$^@ thing back, get a refund, and buy a better game capture that doesnt force its consumers to jump thru flaming hoops to set up.


And trust and believe, the very first video I send to YouTube will be to warn prospective customers NOT to purchase this item or expect any reasonable, civil or polite support in this forum thanks to you.

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