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Where Do I Put Questions About The Roxio Retrieve Utility...


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I'm not sure where this question should go - if someone would point me to the correct location, I would greatly appreciate it.


I have a bunch of video files that were backed up in 2004, apparently using a Roxio program. Unfortunately, since that was 9 years ago, I have no idea which Roxio it was as we have had many versions over the years. They are contained on 2 CDs and there is a split file - so when I insert the disc into the computer, the message comes up that I must use Roxio Retrieve to copy the files to my computer or they will be unusable.


Roxio Retrieve is included on the discso it runs and it it copies 67 of 212 files to my computer, but when it gets to the 67th, it gives me an error: "A hardware I/O error was reported while accessing an unnamed file." Occassionally, it will tell me the name of the file, so I have tried to use Retrieve without selecting that particular file, but then the next file gives the same error. I haven't gone further than excluding the 2 files, so I guess I will try that.


These are videos of one of my sons when he was a toddler, so I would really, really like to get them restored.


Can any one tell me where this should go, so that I can see if someone can help me?


Thanks so much.

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It sounds like there was a problem with that disc (damage, hiccup or just poor quality media). I'm sure that you have checked the disc for damage and have cleaned it.


Download and run a recovery program to see if the disc is readable. If so, you may have to use that (and pay for it). Start with ISOBuster to see if the information is recoverable.


There is no help for Retrieve except for this forum. Other will also offer help. By all means, please let us know if you are able to recover the files.

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rretzler, what are the file types on your CDs? It's possible you used Take Two, so the file extensions would be, ".TK2". The other backup utility might have been Back On Track, which if I recall correctly creates ".BOT" files. In either case, if there is a problem reading the disc, which it sounds like their is, there isn't much we can do to help you. You already have the Retrieve program which is trying to extract your files.


So, hopefully something like ISOBuster will allow you to get the compressed file(s) off the CDs, and then the Retrieve program will be able to process them. If ISOBuster says there's a problem with a particular sector, you can tell it to ignore it (and you may have to do that many times) and eventually get your files. Then even if there is corrupt data in the files, you'll likely find that the overall video isn't badly damaged.

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