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Converting Pal Toa Ntsc



I have some video, downloaded from a paid website, that allows me to download owner supplied content. I was trying to burn a DVD, but when I press the record button, I get a message that states my content has mixed format, both NTSC and PAL. I have NTSC checked in Toast preferences, so why am I getting this notification? I thought that selecting that preference automatically encoded the video content into NTSC. When I examine each video, two say mpeg-4, and two are DIVX. I don't know if that is the problem, but I thought that burning them, converts them, before writing the DVD. I am currently compressing the videos, as I write this, onto an RW disc, to see if it will play. If it does, then I will rerecord it, onto a DVD-DL, uncompressed. If it doesn't work, is there any way to change the videos into NTSC, using Toast? Thanks.

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When you have NTSC selected in Toast preferences it should encode the PAL videos to NTSC as part of the process. You can see which ones are PAL by looking at their specs. If it is 25 fps video then it is PAL. If for some reason Toast creates a mixed mode DVD then the workaround I suggest is creating a disc image with only the PAL videos. That way I'm certain Toast will change them to NTSC (you should also get a window asking if that's what you want to do). After the PAL disc image is created, mount it and select the videos from the DVD section of the Toast Media Browser. You'll be adding NTSC videos when you do that. Then add the other NTSC videos to make your final DVD.

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This is wonderful news. It fixed a problem that should have an easier way. Thank you, I tried this solution just hours before I read your post. I agree but, my final copy is of poor resolution. Is that normal? I can give the specifics but, mainly, I have a YouTube download that came in as a PAL. Toast 10.9 does not give a NTSC ALL option on a mix of PAL and NTSC on the disk image page. Weird. Using Toast, I took the single PAL video and created an NTSC image. Somehow quality was lost. Viewed on a big screen, it seems of a lower resolution. The download is 640X and should look nice on the screen but, does not.


This is my starting point, I specifically need this video in NTSC with no associated loss of quality, as I am building a Project DVD. What is the protocol, please?



Also, I intend, with permission, to upload my NTSC, .mov copy of same, to my YouTube channel




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