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Bleeding Colors/ghosting



I've bought this device a long time ago and have stuck with it for no other reason than financially not being able to afford a better device at the time. I've worked, slaved, my &%$ off to try and get the best quality out of it. I've literally spent dozens upon dozens of hours just trying things and looking up forum posts and YouTube videos since I bought this device back in 2011. Roxio has not been good to me so I'm finding it very hard to buy the new HD Pro over a competitor now that I have the financial means, at least not for their asking price, it's too much of a gamble. I don't think I need to tell anyone about the quality of this device, I know that isn't very professional but the amount of frustration I've gotten from a device I paid good money for is beyond reason.


I'm merely here to see if there truly is a fix for a certain problem I'm having with the device before I finally chuck it. I'm skeptical as I've never found an answer for it. But it isn't a problem local to me, actually I've seen it in every single video captured with the device on YouTube.


The problem is how there's a ghost/bleeding issue. This is seen on text (such as subtitles) and on vibrant colors. I think showing visual examples is better than explaining.




Here is the best example, look at the Netflix logo. Instead of just being a solid red box with Netflix in the middle you can see there's multiple shades of red in the box, and it even causes unusual coloring around the logo itself.




Here's another, you can see it in several places but for reference look at the hand holding the gun, see those blotches of a lighter shade of blue by his fingers?




Here's a final example, you can see the bleeding around the boxes.


And just to cover some FAQs:


Yes, my Roxio is connected properly.

Yes, my component cables are good.

Yes, this happens in games too, my examples are just of the PS3's XMB.

Yes, this occurs no matter what resolution or settings I put my PS3 in.

Yes, my TV displays the picture just fine.

Yes, this is there no matter what I change the Roxio's color settings to.

Yes, I've reinstalled. Yes, I've downloaded the service packs, even Service Pack 2.

Yes, I have my region and all other capturing settings in Roxio correct.


With this issue this isn't even 480p quality like Roxio advertises, it is worse.

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