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No Signal From Roxio Game Capture -> Computer



Hello, I have had my Roxio Game Capture for a few months. I have installed it on my Windows 8 pc, and it worked like a charm. I made several videos, and uploaded them to youtube already. The only problem is, whenever I open up my roxio application, I have no signal. I have to unplug the usb, and plug it back in, then it works fine.


--But, this weekend, I did not get video signal from the roxio. I unplugged - replugged, nothing. Tried different usb ports - nothing. I have uninstalled and re-installed roxio game capture several times already, nothing worked. The video cords and all that are installed properly. Could the usb cord just of gone bad?


- When it first did it, I had video, but it froze. I unplugged - replugged, Now there is no video at all. But I still have audio. - please help

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I have had this issue as well ive got it with a green scrolling screen in the preview bit with no signal so if someone can find a solution that would be great


This is the forum for "PC Game Capture" not the forum for the "Roxio Game Capture" devices.


What program do you have? "Ghost" obviously posted in the wrong forum and that is probably why there was never any response. If you want any help post in the correct forum.

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