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I have a new project to undertake at work. I will be given video in the AVCHD format of some kind. I will be expected to burn the video to both Blue and Standard DVD so that it will be viewable on everybody's dvd player at home.


1.Will the "red box" Easy CD & DVD software do this?


2.How can an AVCHD video be converted into readable format for an everyday common DVD player?


3.Can both standard DVD and High Deffinition formats be placed on a single DVD for use in both player types? (Given that the video is short enough to fit both on one disc.)

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Do you currently own the program? Where do you see it advertised? No, you cannot put both on a DVD and have them play correctly. You can make a standard DVD and you can make a high definition AVCHD disc and you can make a blu ray disc. There are a lot of technical differences.

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Likewise the Red Box will not even accept HD video as it is a cut down version...


The full Suite, Creator NXT would be a better choice ;)


In there you can create a BD Project, then change it to AVCHD and again to DVD :huh:


That sounds like the flexabilty you would prefer ;)

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No, I do not own the product. However as I will be expected to produce both DVD and a high definition DVD in the next month or two I must find out how.


I have researched several sites looking for understanding and found little to clearly identify if the software actually does what I need it to. I found Roxio to be a hopeful solution so I am digging in to find out all that the outside of the box does not tell me. It will be crucial in the process of requisitioning the funds from the project manager to purchase the software.


Creator NXT you say will take AVCHD from a cam or from my desk top computer and allow me to create normal everyday DVDs, High Definition DVDs, and BD disks, seperately?

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Mostly Yes...


First an "HD DVD" is a very, very rare bird!!! Roxio can' t make one and I don't believe anyone still make Players that can read them. You have referenced them twice now so I want to make sure you understand they were short lived!


Roxio's Creator NXT is a complete Authoring Suite. With it you can:


An "HQ" DVD is 720 X 480...


NOW you can make an AVCHD Project and burn it on to a DVD Disc... Most BD Players will play it but I have never seen a DVD Player that will!


Of course you can make BD's as well.

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