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Converting Vhs Tapes In Pal Format To Pc



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I have a Pansonic NV-VX1 video camera with yellow and white (video and audio) outputs.

The tapes are recorded in PAL format.

My PC has phone and speaker inputs wth USB ports.

Does the software include a capture card with USB cable to allow the software to convert the PAL format into a computer readable format to store on DVD?

Also would this DVD be able to play the video scenes on my NTSC TV through the DVD player?


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The EVD3 Software is much more limited in editing but pretty straightforward to use... And of course it includes the Analog to Digital Converter needed to capture!


It does not matter if the input to the Roxio Video Capture USB is NTSC or PAL, it will convert it to digital and you can Set the Output burn or file to what you would like.

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