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Copy Dvd With Only 1 Drive To Send To Friends



Hi - I actually have an older version of Roxio...


I want to copy a dvd to my cloud storeage & post a link to friends to view it. Is this possible? The dvd has a video TS folder with several files in it. Not sure what to put as the destination, or if Box (the cloud service) will accept it, or if people will be able to view it? Thanks for yr help!!

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There's a heap of vital information you haven't given here, so my reply is going to have to be rather generic.


-You didn't say what version of what Roxio program or suite you have, but you've posted in the Creator 2012 forum. Is that what you have?


As long as the DVD is not protected, most Roxio suites will allow you to copy the DVD to your hard drive. You can copy it as an ISO image, or as a DVD folder set depending on what you want your friends to see, or how they can handle what you give to them.


-The folder set is a folder called Video_TS containing .VOB files, .BAK files, and .IFO files the same as you see when you explore a DVD.

-the ISO is an image of the DVD which can be used to burn a copy to plastic disc, or can be mounted in some software to play from your hard drive.


Now once you have the folder set or ISO on your hard drive, how you get it into your cloud storage is a matter between you and your cloud storage provider. The Roxio programs do not play any part in this once they've made the folder set or ISO on your hard drive.

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