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Ok, so here's my question: can I record the gameplay output from my Android smartphone.


My phone in question is: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, outputting video using a MHL adapter with a HDMI cable.


I saw a big warning on the Roxio GameCapture HD box saying "HDCP not supported" and seeing how this is a pretty pricy device, I want to know if I can actually use it for what I need to do before considering buying it.


Has anyone tried recording the output from a phone/tablet? Or know if I can find out if my phone's output is HDCP or just regular HDMI?

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Some, but not all, HDMI Splitters will produce a signal that is acceptable ;)


I have this one and while I have never tried it from a Phone/Tablet I have used it with a DVR and DVD/BD Player just to test it out:




Another Passive type like this was reccomended by another user:




If you have to order one, just make sure before you do that you can return it should it not work :huh:

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