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Horizontal Sync Off At Top Of The Recorded Roxio Screen But Camcorder Playback Is Ok


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Has anyone experienced this problem when recording from a camcorder.


The VHS to DVD3 program video screen when recording ,has a problem with the horizonatl sync being skewed with the top 15% of the video screen when recording. It toggles between the whole picture being OK and regualrly going out of sync. It is random and regular and happens on many different tapes being used. The camcorder screen is complete and correct when I look at the camcorder viewfinder everytime.

I am using a Sony CCD TR93 and rca cables with USB 2.0 on a fast core 2 duo desktop and windows 7


Any ideas how to correct this issue?



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yes I have seen something like that with my early Canon Digital tapes...


Try doing a FF to the end of tape (Play then Stop then FF) and then a full Rewind...


If that does not help, try playing it into a VCR or other device that has an Output only use the Output from that device...


Let us know! ;)

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Thanks for the reply.


I have tried both solutions that you suggested and have the same result...there is still out of sync horizontal skewing at the top of the roxio program video screen that transfers onto the recorded DVD. The camcorder video screen is 100% alright!

Any other ideas to try? Does it look like a tech support question that I have to ask Roxio?

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