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Warranty In Europe



I bought the HD capture for my son for Christmas but, bar one test which did work, it has laid unused till now. However not it just will not work despite testing with a number of cables and I think it is probably broken (refused to show HDMI from xbox is connected when same cable connected from xbox to monitor works fine).


As this was bought in the UK from Amazon UK I believe that this should come with a statutory minimum of 1 years warranty but any attempt to go through the roxio site always leads to the US page and the notices about 14 days warranty and buying support.


Has anyone had any experience of getting support from roxio in europe outside of the US 14 day period? At the moment my only option as far as I can tell is to call their 'sales' freephone number and try and inquire about the warranty period.



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Here is Roxio's warranty http://corel.force.c...kA060000000L49j


Try this in the UK 0800 376 9272





Give us some more details of the problem(s) your having and maybe we can help you.


Read some of the other post's in this forum, so you can get a general idea of the info we need in order to help you.

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