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Hi all,


I have been using Toast 9 since 2009. Creating DVD's in DVIX format has been great over the years. I just purchased the 'Toast 11 Titanium' and can't find the "DIVX" button.


I was dragging and dropping some video files, and the gauge at the bottom of the page showed I had 3 gig left of 4.7 gig.


After waiting for AAAGES, for the program to finish, it then spat out the blank DVD, and said I needed 15 gig to fit the video files??


I have selected the DVD-Video option from the drop box.


Does Toast Titanium not have an option for DIVX?



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A Divx disc is a data disc containing Divx-formatted (or compatible) videos. What you've selected is DVD video which is not a Divx format.


If your videos are already Divx then choose DVD-Rom (UDF) as the format in the Toast Data window and add your videos to burn to disc. If they are not already Divx (or Divx-player compatible) then I suggest going to divx.com and downloading the latest version of their free software. It includes a Divx Converter app for making Divx videos. Toast has a preset for Divx Plus HD in its Convert window, but it sounds to me like you're wanting standard definition. You could create a custom conversion setting using Toast's Convert section to create the setting you want but it is easier just to use one of the presets in the Divx Converter application. It also lets you send those to DVD disc so you don't need to use Toast at all for this.

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