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Capturing Problem, Please Help!



Ok so when i open the Roxio capture the preview screen will lag and strips/static of random colors will pop up. It also will get blocky and the sound will lag, this is not just in the preview screen, it effects the recording aswell. Any ideas on how to fix? Will return if this keeps happening.





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Info on how to post screen shots is, HERE

(full shot of your RGC Software screen would have been better ;) )


The LAG is a fact of life and nothing can be done :huh: Most users play using a seperate Monitor driven by the Pass Through (Output) on the RGC Device.


Otherwise, it looks like an issue with your hookup or possibly your graphisc...


Please describe your hookup from your game console (what is it?) to the RGC - PC, in detail.


What do you have for a Graphics Card?


Manually Check to make sure the Drivers and Software are up to date:



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