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Please Help Big Error



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Thanks for adding the pics ;)


You need to look into the Device Manager to make sure is correctly lists the RGC Device when it is plugged in and NO error or warning flags are showing:




I do note that you are running a Celeron with a Win Performance Index of only 3.3... :(


A Celeron is NOT an approved processor regardless of the speed :huh: Myself and others with a 3.4 or so have all experienced poor performance... You may get capture but the dropped frames will make it 'jerky'...


MIGHT be best to see if you can return it while you can!


We can certainly work with you to get it on line - let us know what which way you want to go ;)

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So Your Not Going To Give Me Help , I Thought You Were The Support Team :(


You thought wrong ... this is not the support team. This is a users forum which means that we are users just like you and do not work for Roxio.


Your system is below specs and will not work

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what is the next step if the device manager say's its working properly

pedroi: Don't but into someone else's conversation!


You have posted in 2 forums that are about 2 completely different products :huh:


Start a New Topic in the forum for whatever it is you actually have and included a detail description of your PC, your setup and you issue.


Then maybe someone can help you ;)

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