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Light Not Coming On And No Picture On Tv And No Signel On Capture

Cookie J


This is embarrassing but, iv had the roxio game cap hd pro for abou 3 days now and every time i turned on my xbox no signel would appair, it would eventually come on after re setting every thing up again countless times but, yesterday when i couldent get any signel. I stupidly is the arrow where the light is a button.

Wouldn't you know i pressed it a little bit to hard and it broke.

This proved not to be a problem for the entire day untill i stoped using my xbox and it auto matically powered off, after ahwile i decided i wanted to get a little bit more futtage, so i turned my xbox on, and again no signel appeared.

So tryng to get it to work i unpluged the usb input connection and pluged it back in and then there was no light on the capture card.


And that is the last thing i have done with the capture card. I'm kind of scared to do anything with it now. I do feel really stupid right now :(:unsure:

Any help would be great. And sorry for such a long description.

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You need to post something besides a Topic title.

Explain what's happening and how you have things hooked up.

It's essential that you connect the USB cable from the device to your computer.That's what powers the device.

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