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No Signal On The Tv When The Roxio Is Plugged In?



so when i have my hdmi wires plugged in both side to the roxio (all set up correctly) the TV has no signal, after re wiring multiple times i finally get a signal but its a huge pain! (ps im on xbox 360) anyway, im wondering if its the usb wire that is connected? do i need that no connected when not using the roxio? do i need my PC on when im not using the roxio? all i want is it to be set up so i can record but also, so that i dont have to unplug wires when just playing my xbox, any ideas? (sorry if this makes no sence, its 00:05 and my first post, plus im on my phone)

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YOU MUST have the USB plugged into your PC for power and you must have the RGC Software (driver) installed on the PC you plug into :huh:


BOTH conditions must be met in order for the Pass Through to work!!!


Soooo, perhaps you might want to try a passive HDMI splitter Before your RGC???


Xbox - HDMI to input of Splitter - one HDMI output to RGC - one HDMI output to TV/Monitor


I have to be honest ~ this is my best guess, I have not tried it -_-


Maybe some others who have can confirm/deny that it will work???

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