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Tivo, Mac, And Network Connection Sharing



Didn't find anything when searching for this, so here goes.


I have a network at home (192.168.0.x), and I'm using a Mac Mini with network connection sharing enabled to provide connectivity to all the devices in my home theater setup (192.168.2.x). The home network is the wireless network and the home theater network hangs off an 8 port switch connected to the ethernet port of the Mac.


My issue is that Tivo Transfer running on the Mac Mini that's doing the connection sharing only sees the Tivo in the home theater subnet.


Now before we get started with Tivo visibility not being available across subnets, I understand the difference between Layers 2 and 3 and I understand an L2 protocol can't be routed due to the lack of an L3 header. But... (there's always a "but", right? :D ) the Mac has L2 access to both the wired and wireless networks, so Tivos on both networks should be seen by Tivo Transfer. Proof of this can be found by the fact that Tivos on the home network can see the Mac Mini (which has Tivo Desktop running)..., but not the reverse, Mac Mini cannot see Tivos on the home network.


Can somebody edumacate me as to why this simple deployment doesn't work as expected? :blink:

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Sorry I can't help with this because I'd expect both to be accessible, too, although only one at a time depending on the MAK entered in preferences. I only have one TiVo so there's no way for me to look into this. At the TiVo user forum is there any similar issue with the PC version?

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