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Error Code -36 & -19






First time posting. Here's the issue. We had some people film a live event the other week. They filmed on a RED camera and I'm going to edit the footage up into a short award acceptance. They've given me the files on 3 discs.


When I put the disc in my computer (Mac running Mountain Lion, 10.8.2) Roxio Toast opens up a window. The window tells me the disc is spanned and I need to extract the data. Fine.


When I run the extraction and try to have the files land in an external had drive I get one of the following errors.


Error -36 or Error -19


Once these errors show up it aborts the file extraction completely. I have no idea what these mean or how to fix them so I can actually edit the footage.



Any help is much appreciated



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Sorry, I can't recall this coming up before. What happens if you try to extract to the internal drive?

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