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Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3



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Hello Roxio Forum,

I think a lot over, why are there so many people recording xbox? Why not PS3.

Is it because there are faster DLC packs for xbox - or what is the reason that all / many record xbox?

Although I dont own an XBox, I can see the reason why.


1) It's easier. On PS3 you can only use component cables and not HDMI due to HDCP


2) First to get DLC for Call of Duty

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I don't think it's about recording.


I think it's about the overall experience you get from the respective consoles..

Personally I'm an XBox guy.

I like the way it works.I like XBox Live.I think Xbox is geared more towards community than PS3 is.

The only drawback with XBox is the lack of a Blu-Ray player,which is probably going to be changed in the upcoming new version of the console.

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Also the fact that Xbox game genres are limited compared since Nintendo's and Sony's consoles have better and wider exclusives. Do understand that that's my opinion of course.


Also note that Xbox dominates the USA, Sony dominates Europe and Nintendo dominates Japan so you must take account regions.

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Actually, I don't think the number of responses here necessarily reflect how many people are using any particular games system. What it does tend to reflect is how many people are having problems capturing the output of their game systems. It's entirely possible that there are an equal number of game systems being used with the Roxio game capture device, but those running the Xbox tend to have more trouble? Or, it actually could be that more people are capturing from the XBox, or there could be no correlation at all. Again I think iwe can only say for certain that it reflects how many are having problems.


Just a "cause and effect" logistical viewpoint.

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