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Cue/bin Format

ken lindahl


I'm attempting to burn an audio CD from a CUE/BIN format image created by a friend. My friend has a Mac; I have a Windows PC. He use Toast on his computer to create an image in CUE/BIN format (there are 3 files: Audio CD.bin, Audio CD.cue, Audio CD.cdt). I've downloaded those files and made sure they transferred correctly by checking the md5 hash.


I have Creator 2012 and it seems to claim it can read CUE/BIN format images. However, i can't find any instructions specific to CUE/BIN format, so I'm kind of stumbling along. I can open the .cue file in C2012, but when i attempt to burn a CD, i get this error message:


"There was a problem writing to the disc. You can try again by clicking the

Retry button. You will need another blank disc ready.


Error Code: TE_DoesntSupportOperation"


Does anyone know what this error code is telling me (other than the operation isn't working :-) ) and/or how to work around it?


Or better yet, how to accomplish what I'm trying to do: to burn the image to CD?




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Hi Ken,


Run Creator 2012, and go to Data/Copy > Burn Disc Image.


Navigate to the folder where your .BIN and .CUE are, and select the .BIN file. It's the biggest file and the one with the data. The .CUE file is typically a not file that's only a few hundred bytes in size.


Once you've selected the destination drive, click the green arrow, and you're off burning.




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