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Udf Roxio Reader For Creator 6


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I have Roxio 6 disc Crator It works super, but I've had to re-installit and there's a scratch on it so the UDF Reader doesn't work. I don't want any newer product. Can I replace the missing UDF Reader?

It's so much better than all the comlicated ones; just move a file to the idon and it burns it automatically. I hate the Nero one I have. If I could make sure my Roxio works fine I will delete the Nero. Thank you in advance for any iinfo


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You could try this http://www.roxio.com...re_updates.html you have nothing to lose.


That is an updater rather than a stand-alone UDF reader, and you need a reader pre-installed.


Turak, what are you actually wanting to do? Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 had a version of Drag to Disc in it, which allowed reading/writing/formatting of optical discs.

Are you just wanting to read them [a UDF reader], or are you wanting full handling capability [Drag to Disc] ??

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Hi Brendon

if the UDF Reader is an Updater,, why is it described as:



This download is for users that do not own a copy of Easy CD Creator or Easy Media Creator and just want to read discs that have been written in UDF.


which is what it says on the download page .


I downloaded the Reader as I wanted to be able to access a CD writeen using Drag to Disc under Windows XP, which is otherwise unreadable on Windows 7 (we no longer have any Roxio products on our network ).

The Reader failed to install as there was nothing to update. So it is basically useless for anyone who does not have any Roxio software. and there appears to be nothing on the site which provides for sucha scenario.



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Starting with XP, all Windows Operating Systems have built in UDF reading and even writing capability.


But with XP, there are some limitations: HERE"]HERE


Do you think anything in the MS Article may apply?


I am not following the part about the Scratch on the disc? A scratch would mean that the install either work or it does not. I have never heard of a scratched disc that install most of the programs :lol:

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The Reader failed to install as there was nothing to update. So it is basically useless for anyone who does not have any Roxio software. and there appears to be nothing on the site which provides for sucha scenario.


This is exactly the point that I was trying to make, John. I have protested to Roxio about this over the years, but my protests seem to have fallen on deaf ears.


If you want to try it, I can point you to a version of Drag to Disc (32 bit) which I am running happily in Windows 7.

It is the final version 9 , and may well read your CD. It can be uninstalled afterwards.





It was Turak who had the scratched disc, and he hasn't logged on since the day he posted in April 2013.





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You may want to download a trial of ISO Buster or CD Roller. Both are CD recovery programs that may allow you to recover your files. Both have (had) trial versions that will show you what they think they can recover, but you have to buy it to actually do the recover.

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If you're running 32-bit Windows 7, I think the best way to handle this might be to run the Vista and Windows 7 compatible version of Drag-to-Disc [D2D]. You can uninstall it through Control Panel when you've finished reading your discs, if you want to.

I have it running in several of my Windows 7 installations.




The installer can be found on Roxio's site, here. It's an executable file d2d3290.exe.

Run that file and a stand-alone Drag-to-Disc will be installed into a folder at C:\Program Files\Roxio\Drag-to-Disc\.


You can run Drag to Disc either by making a desktop shortcut to the file DrgToDsc.exe in the above folder, or you can drag the desktop shortcut into the Startup folder of Windows 7, and D2D will start automatically with Windows. It's your choice how you start it.


To put the shortcut into the Startup folder, right-click on that folder


then click on Open and drag the shortcut into the folder that opens. After that, D2D will start every time Windows does. [Remember to delete that shortcut from the Startup folder when you uninstall D2D, since the uninstaller doesn't know you put it there.]


To Uninstall when you're finished,

-do a standard uninstall through Control Panel > Programs and Features

-delete the shortcut in the Startup folder




-You should be able to read your V6 discs with this version 9 software, but you might not be able to write to them until you format the disc with version 9.


-I haven't tried this software in x64 Windows, so it might only run in 32-bit. If anyone tries it in 64-bit, please let me know how it goes.


-I don't recommend the 'packet-writing' system which was used by D2D, DLA, InCD and other software, even though Microsoft have made it the default "Live File" system in Windows 7. I think it wears out vital parts of re-writeable discs too quickly causing sudden failures. You're better off sticking to the regular 'authoring' methods used nowadays by Creator, Nero, and the rest.


Any questions, please feel free to ask.




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