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Recording Problem



Hello everyone, today I came across an issue which is making me rather angry, so I figured I would ask for your help on this issue, as maybe someone will know what's wrong. So anyways, last night after playing and recording for about an hour and a half I turned off my PS3, but forgot to hit stop recording before this. In the Roxio software it appeared as though the recording had stopped, as the box with the recording thumbnail popped up on the bottom. The "Stop Recording" button was still grayed out so I had to turn my ps3 back on to hit the stop recording button. At this point I did not see any problems with the 2 hours of recording I had, but I never actually looked at it, and went off to sleep.


Now today, after returning home from school, I sat down to do some editing with the 2 hours of footage, but for whatever reason it says I have 20 hours of footage! I wouldn't mind having this 20 hours of footage, as I could just cut off the 18ish hours of nothing after the 2 I actually played for, but here's the problem: the recording will only play the first 2 seconds and then stop. If I try to click the time bar on the bottom of Windows Media Player to go to another time, say 1 hour 20 mins, it just plays those first 2 seconds of the footage again, and then stops it. I'm not sure why it is doing this, as it is recognizing that I have more than the 2 seconds, but it just wont play it. Also, when I open it in Sony Vegas, it only shows the 2 second clip, and nothing else, so this isn't recognizing the rest, not sure which is right and which is wrong.


Hopefully someone can help me out here, as a lot of funny and great things happened during the footage I have, and it would be a real kick in the you know where if I can't get it. Thanks ahead of time!

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