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Problems Trimming A Video



I am experiencing problems when I attempt to trim a video. About 2 months ago i had created a video with no problems and now when I select the trim option, I get the video in the strat window (upper left) and the stop window (Upper right), but I don't see it in the center window any longer. I am also unable to play the video in the trim window so that I can select the beginning and ending limits.


What I have to do now is find the start and stop points using the play button in the main production window, then select the trim option and using the little scroll wheel (below the start and stop window) to select these points. This make trimming the video much longer.


I have tried to repare the program and then deleting and re-installing, with no luck. The only thing that has changed on my computer is that i did an update my Windows Vista OS and I believe my son did some kind of update to the game Mind Craft.


Could either of these update effected my program? If not what can I do to correct this problem?





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There have been multiple but not definitive posts about this issue with various versions of the software. You can search this site for them. Try updating your video card/chip drivers and making sure you are using 96 dpi Windows font setting. Also did you update Internet Explorer; some say that the update is the problem. I had this problem for a short time and it corrected itself. :wacko:

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if you want to Trim Video Your Video has Consist Compatibilty for HIGH Resolution then you Can Trim otherwise there is an Error.


Where is you get that erroneous bit of information? Also necroposting will often get you into trouble because the problem has usually been solved by now. Did you post just to get the link posted? That is not allowed; if you would be so kind to remove it.

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