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Iso Image File To Exe Conversion Fail



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In Creator 2012, I usually select Creator Classic, and then select, "Create disc from Image File" (or whatever the exact words are). That tells Creator to "interpret" the .ISO file as a disc image and write it that way.


If you're electing to create a Data CD, and then adding the ISO file to the list of files to write, you'll get exactly what you describe.


So, you'll have to tell us more details about exactly how you've been trying to write the image to disc if what I wrote above doesn't help.

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Thanks Dave.


I keep forgetting that Creator 2012 still has the excellent Creator Classic, unlike Creator NXT.




The last excellent Creator Classic was the EMC 7.5 version, the version that let you burn an audio CD, data disc, etc. without having to go to another program in the suite. :)

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