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Cursor Issue? Abort Script?



I'm not sure whether this is a computer problem or a photoshow problem, but every time I start to drag a picture to a different location, it's as if the cursor moves the page all the way up to the top without me doing anything! Then I have to save it in order for me to try again. Bizarre and given I have about 30 more images to move around, it's taking forever!


Also, I keep getting a message that a script in the movie is running which is causing my computer to run more slowly, but when I click OK to abort the script, the screen freezes.


Do these 2 issues have anything to do with one another? HELP!

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1) Assuming that you have a Premium Membership, go to your members page and re-download and install V6. There is no need to uninstall what you have now. Remember to turn off your antivirus during the install.

2) Have you rebooted your computer lately? I learned that, if you talk to any IT person, that is the first thing they say. Also perhaps it is time to do some more extensive maintenance - get rid of emp and tmp files, defragment, etc. Do you do regular maintenance?

3) Wow ! How many images do you have in the PhotoShow ! :o I can see about 100 at a time. When I added more, I was able to move an image without the screen scrolling up to the top.

4) Are you letting the program complete one command before doing another? You may have tried to move an image but before it could do that, you asked it to do another image. Perhaps that is what is causing the script error.

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1. i've been working off of the online version. i did download the desktop version but now it has an old version of my photoshow ... do you know how to get the new one uploaded?

2. rebooted last night :( computer 2 weeks old so no old files to remove...

3. I have 315 images and there will be more - maybe it's the volume that's making the program go nuts?

4. nope, i'm sitting there patiently and it does this weird thing on its own :(

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Change the name slightly. The on-line version of the program will see it as a new PhotoShow . Use the desktop version to upload the new version after you have made all the changes. Once that is done, you can delete the old version on-line and rename the new version to the old version. The links will change.


Or in 1) above did you mean to download the new version from the web? Upload is to the web; download is from the web.


The number of images has little effect on the program but the size of the images does. You can try to make them smaller to see if that helps. Remember that the PhotoShow is standard definition video file so the resolution is 720 by 480. You pictures are very high definition in comparison.


Edit: Just an opinion. With 350 images, the slide show will be about 45 minutes long at 8 seconds per picture. I'm not sure I want to watch that long without a break. Have you considered breaking it into two PhotoShows?


PhotoShow is supposed to be operating system neutral. If you have a new computer, you may have Windows 8. I'm not sure how well the program works with W8. Perhaps someone else can offer advice on PhotoShow and W8.

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I have the same problem. If I try to re-locate a photo, it freezes and gives a script error. Very frustrating since I have a presentation tomorrow for 40 people.


Should have started sooner !


You have given us exactly zero information about what you are doing, about what version you are running, about the number of images, about the size of the images, about your computer, etc. Do you really want help? You put some effort into it and we will put some effort into finding a solution. Use this as a guide.


Oh, and start your own thread. My guess, since the original poster never came back that he (or she) used the information in this thread or another to find a solution.


Remember we are users who have experience; we are not Roxio/Corel Technical support.

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