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Black Preview Screen Red 'no Signal'



Hi all i am new here and have searched the forum tried bits but had no joy.


I have a roxio HD and had trouble with the screen on the TV and my laptop, i changed my HDMI cables and now get my xbox showing on my TV but still have a black screen on my roxio with all options grayed out.


I have previously had this working so don't understand why it has stopped.


I have run the disk and updated software and run the repair, but still no joy.


Also changed 720p and 1080i.


I am not technical so dont know how to post screen shots of my manager?????


I have checked device manager and Roxio does show in there


Help would be appreciated

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The video chips used by laptops are troublsome...


Your Device Manager should look this when you have the RGC Device Plugged in:




There should not be any warning or error icons showing.


Of course as long as you have the red No Signal, the preview screen will be black as there isn't anything to show...


You need to hook up a completely different source to test with, a DVD or BD Player would be prefect for an HDMI source.

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Hi Jim, thanks for posting here. I am not technical so please bare with me, when you say hook up a DVD player where exactly do you mean?


Sorry if this is a daft question


Instead of the XBOX use a DVD player, is what Jim means. Connected to the RGC USB device with a HDMI connection.

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Quick update for you, we do not have a dvd player or anything with a HDMI in and out so i tried it out on my sky+ box and got the preview no problems at all. The only thing i got warning wish was a red 'protected signal' which i would expect as it is satelite.


I will now try again on my xbox later this evening and hope ity will work, if not i can only put it down to 2 things really.

  1. I am not using an official xbox hdmi cable, but i didn't when it was working before so cant see this being it
  2. there are some settings on the xbox itself that i have not managed to sort out.

If anyone has any tips on the xbox setting it would be appreciated.


Main thing is i now know the RGC is working fine.


Thanks for you help gents and if and when i get the right settings on the xbox i will post here for other users

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right here is another update.


This morning i removed the software and uploaded from disc again before i tried on my sky+ (result as above)


I have just this second logged onto my xbox turned on the roxio and bingo it works and i can see the preview, i am going to watch the video link cd pointed me to and make the changes i need and hope that it works from now on. If not i will just remove the the programme and reinstall or repair.


Thanks alot gents it is nice to get the additional support (although i know you are not actual support) and sometimes it is nice to get someone to talk you through it as it can be very frustraiting when it does not work for one reason or another.


my advice step back leave it and go back again :)


Keep up the good work and thanks again

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