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Error At End Of Conversion Id=-61 Stops Process And Deletes File



Hi, has anyone seen this problem? I use TiVo Transfer to grab shows from my TiVo, which automatically invokes Toast Titanium, Version 11.1 (1072). The conversion happens fine, and then, at the end I get this error in a dialog box from Toast Titanium:



Couldn't complete the last command because (ID=-61).


If I say OK, Titanium then deletes the perfectly fine output file -- I can save it by moving the file out of the folder, but that gets annoying, and I can't run multiple conversion, I have to do this manually for each file.


Any hints on what the problem may be? Can't find the meaning of this error anywhere.



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Mac OS error code -61 is a “write permission error”. As you did get an output file briefly, I suppose the error doesn't necessarily apply to the destination path, but maybe somewhere else Toast wants to write or delete a (temp) file. If you check the permissions for the destination folder and find them okay (Sharing & Permissions: Read & Write, for your user account), then perhaps it is time to do a little system maintenance (Disk Utility: Repair Disk Permissions).

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I have nearly the same problem except the error is ID=-50. I have been converting TiVo files for months until I just started getting this error. Have reinstalled Toast 11 Titanium 11.1 (1072), but the problem persists. My convestions are all saved to my Desktop of my MacBook Pro OS 10.6.8.

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