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Roxio Recognizes Sound, No Video Xbox 360



Ok so Im having trouble with my HD cap. firstly, there is nothign wrong with the device, and im able to record with it jsut fine.

currently i record both ps3 and xbox with HD component cables, i have the kind that work for both of those as well as like gamecube or whatever, and since you cant record ps3 with hdmi its just easier to record xbox that way as well (and i only have 1 hdmi cable)


however the problem arises when i swap my xbox back to hdmi. if i decide i want to stop recording and go back to hdmi, then when i try to go back to recording i get no video signal to either the device or my tv. my set up goes xbox >component cables to cap > hdmi to tv.


ive fixed this before but i cant recall how. i seem to remember that the xbox was set to a resolution beyond what the cables/device can record in via cables. so for example after removing hdmi my xbox defaulted to component cables at 1080p, however the cables dont support that so my picture is gone, i can get the picture back if i manually swap to the lower resolutions, except i cant see my screen to do so. if anyone has had this issue before any help would be appreciated. i remember doing this before but i cant for the life of me recall how i fixed it

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