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Roxio Hd Capture And Roxio Game Capture



Ok so I have been using Roxio game capture card to record ps2 gameplay with the component cables etc, the quality is fantastic, so i thought id purchase the Roxio HD capture pro card.


The hdmi works fine and looks good, but the component is total garbage! So i thought id just use the game capture for component recording, but how can i use the roxio game capture with the HD pro software? It doesn't recognise the device? I uninstalled the original software but when i plug in the game capture is says it cant find the drivers for it. I tried only installing the drivers but the software only recognises the HD pro card and not the game capture card.


How can I do this? If it is not possible to use two of the same make of cards on the same software, then thats pretty thick of Roxio. And ive tried to have both software installed, it only opens up HD pro whichever one is clicked.

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Hello Jim "digital guru" when you return to my original post and re-read it, maybe you will notice I have already said I had installed BOTH devices and EACH of the software, hey guess what it didn't work!!!! It only opens the Roxio HD PRO software for both.


and yes, if I bought the original roxio game capture it should work with the HD Pro software, via the drop down "input source"


and yes I also believe that if I buy an updated Roxio game capture card I expect it to have the same quality as the previous model, hey guess what it dont!!!!

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I am currently trying to get the original Roxio Game capture to work with the HD PRO software, so that I can use both the game capture and the HD pro whenever I wish.


why do I want to do this? Because the HD pro is great for recording xbox and ps3 gameplay. I also play alot of ps2, particularly socom 2 through xlink and upload to youtube >> www.youtube.com/reubsy1


although the HD PRO capture card has component recording, the quality is no were near the original Game Capture card.


Ive tried installing both instances of the software, but you can only have one installed, as it deletes previous instillations and installes new files.

Ive also tried installing the HD PRO software and card, and installing the Game Capture drivers only, which it does not work very well!


Ive tried the original capture card with third party recording software, to which it is identified and works well, but obviously being free software, it isnt very good.


Has anyone came across a way to use both game capture cards with the newest software? It really should be supported regardless.

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