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Opening Msn.com


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Question regarding MSN as Homepage. Out of the blue, the Bing symbol appears and prefaces one link to the MSN Home Page in the explorer bar. Instead of the MSN home page opening, the following appears:


Ref A: 79c8f4737bc045dfafa2812ba470af5c, followed by a Ref B and then C. I won't list the series of numbers and letters that appear thereafter for sake of brevity. The C reference is to a specific date of Sun Apr 14 12:40:33 2013 PST. This always occurs after initially turning on the computer and then clicking on Internet Explorer.


I can get to the MSN homepage by clicking on another MSN link that appears after clicking on the down arrow of the explorer bar. However, in this second instance the explorer bar no longer has the bing symbol prefacing the MSN.com link. It is prefaced by the typical butterfly.


Have Googled the references and numbers with no results. Have also scanned the computer for viruses. No viruses found. Have also deleted the Bing bar. Bing does not also appear when going to Add/Remove in Control Panel.


Any help???

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