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Toast 11 Loops, Or Will Not Play All Clips.



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Howdy arewalt, and welcome to the forum,

I think the information you're looking for can be found on page 87 & 88 of the instruction manual, which can be found under the Help menu at the top left of Toast the screen tool bar. After setting up your new project (select VIDEO, then DVD-Video) you'll click on OPTIONS at the right of the media area, that should bring up options for Auto Play (plays disc after inserting into player without going to menu), or Play all items continuously (which I think is what you want.


If you've already tried those options without success, then try this. Start with only two short video clips (instead of 16), select the Play all items continuously option, and instead of burning a disc, go up to the File menu and select "Create a Disc Image". This lets you create a file on your computer that works exactly like a DVD.


To play the Disc Image you'll have to Mount it using the Mount Disc Image command found under the Utilities Menu on the tool bar. Once you get the Disc Image to work correctly, you can easily burn it to a DVD by opening a new Toast project, but select COPY then Image File instead of Video for the type of project. Then drag the Disc image to the media area and click the Burn (or copy) button in the lower right side of the window.


I've had much better success burning DVDs from Disc Image files rather than straight from Toast media window. It also lets you work out all the bugs with your DVD BEFORE wasting a disc.


By starting with two small MPEG 2 movie files (instead of 16), you can try all your options until you find the one that works, and once you've got it working for two movies it should be easy to just add more movies. Good luck.

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