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Toast 11 Yay Or Nay For My App

mad tony


I have plays that run over two hours. For those two or under

I go from camera (Canon FS200) to recorder (Toshiba). This

gives crisp & clear results. For those over two hours (but not

over 2.4 hours) I tried iMovie 8.0.6 and Toast 9 to burn and

got very fuzzy results. I tried the "best" settings.


Questions: Will Toast 11 give better results? The disks from

the recorder and Toast 9 do not play on blue ray players.

Will the disks from Toast 11 really play?

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There shouldn't have been much quality difference between a 2-hour and a 2.4-hour video as long as the audio is set to Dolby Digital and not PCM. (Toast's default is Dolby). There may be slightly better results using Toast 11 but I don't think the MPEG 2 encoder has changed much.


As for the burned DVDs not playing, I'd try a different brand of blank discs. If you buy Toast 11 as a download from Roxio I believe they have a 30-day refund policy if you are not satisfied and discontinue using it.

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