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Sound Issue When Creating A Dvd Menu With 'mydvd'

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Hello everyone,


I have an issue with myDVD that I'm hoping somebody may be able to help with. I've used Roxio Creator for many years - first Creator 2010, then 2012 and now Creator NXT - it's main purpose being to create home DVDs.


My process for creating my DVDs are as follows:

1. I create the videos in VideoWave and export & save them as MPEG movie clips (for DVD playback).

2. I then create a DVD menu with MyDVD and ‘add new video clips’ (the above mentioned MPEG movie clips I created in VideoWave).


I've never had any issues or problems, this method has always worked for me. The last time I used this process successfully was when I had Windows 7 and Roxio Creator 2012 installed on my PC.


The problem started when my husband installed Windows 8… I was still able to use Creator 2012 to create the videos in VideoWave, but when I created the DVD menu and added the MPEG movie clips, all of a sudden the 'movie clips' had no sound when previewing the DVD (by clicking on the 'Preview Project' button).


We checked for updates, read forums, tried everything we could think of but was left with the conclusion that we’ll have to purchase Creator NXT which is Windows 8 compatible. Which we did. But unfortunately the new software didn't solve the problem! :( When previewing the DVD menu, the movie clips have no sound. The DVD menu's music still plays, but as soon as I click on the button/link on the menu to view the movie clip, it’s completely silent.


Naturally, when you play the movie clip outside of myDVD (with Windows Media Player), it has sound, there is no problem with the file – the movie clips work fine.


I have not burned it to a DVD to see if it works when playing back on a DVD player, but I doubt it would work since it doesn't when previewing the project (and I don't really want to waste a disc).


I honestly thought that this was a Windows 8 compatibility issue, but with Creator NXT still having the same problem, I don’t know what to do (except go back to Windows 7 and Creator 2012, which worked perfectly).


I am hoping that someone will be able to advise or assist me with a possible solution.


If you require any further details or information from me to assist you with your troubleshooting, please let me know. I have attached the diagnostics file which I saw was requested in other posts.


Thank you in advance for your time & assistance! :)



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I have just tried the following which kinda worked...

I opened the VideoWave movie file I created and clicked on the 'send to MyDVD' button which automatically closes VideoWave, opens MyDVD & inserts the 'production' item onto the new DVD menu.

I previewed this document and when I clicked on the link/button to view the movie file, the sound played!



I want this DVD to contain 4 different movie files I have already created. When I added another movie file link and previewed the menu, the original movie (that was sent directly from VideoWave to MyDVD) had sound, but the new movie clip I added manually was still silent!

I have tried both dragging the new (second/third/fourth) file onto the menu from the 'Media Selection' panel on the right side as well as adding it via the 'Movie > Add New Movie' menu. Both methods unsuccessful.


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