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Mac OS Error -50 when burning disk spanning on OS X Server 10.4.7



Running Toast 7.1 (recently updated) on Mac OS X 10.4.7 Server. I am attempting to burn approx 85GB to DVD-R using the disc spanning feature. I have done this many times before on many other machines with no problem. Machine is a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5Ghz and this is the first time I have run Toast on it, ever.


When I begin to burn I get all the appropriate messages up to telling me this will span 20 discs and to have blanks at the ready. When Toast looks like it will begin to burn, the progress appears briefly, says it's writing the lead-out, then I get the error:


"Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error.

Result Code = -50"


Is this an issue with running Toast on OS X Server? I am not doing anything fancy with multimedia, just archiving a lot of data. So Quicktime interfering should be right out. I also tried a couple of other discs from the same spindle with no success.


Anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance.



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Me three...getting the same "error in user parameter list" message making a DVD video with files exported directly from Elgato EyeTV 2.3.1. to Toast 7.1. Just updated to Mac 0SX 10.7 last week. Previously did this process successfully with OS 10.5, Toast 7.1 and EyeTV 2.2.


Upgraded to EyeTV 2.3.1 only last night. Actually exported the EyeTV files with 2.2. After clicking Export found that the dialogue box was set on Documents Folder and MPEG Program Stream which is strange, anyway I changed it back to Desktop and Toast, which is how I remember leaving it. Then when the first EyeTV file opens in Toast it opens in the Copy Tab instead of Video, and I get a dialogue box asking if I'm sure the parameters of this file is OK--the parameters were frame rate and something else I think. I just clicked OK selected the Video Tab and dragged the file icon from the desktop into there.


I've thrown the files exported witih 2.2. and exported again with 2.3.1, still getting Mac OS Error = -50 if I try to burn a Disk Image.

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