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Lost Insallation Code



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No i don't keep my discs rolling around in the dust, i keep all my discs in a disc sleeve :huh:


I have full proof of purchase, Even a few friendly emails from Ben Fletcher from Roxio who will vouch for me :)


It's an easy mistake to make....


Then what happened to the paper sleeve Roxio sent the disc in and had the CD Key on it?


What are you doing here?


No one here can get you a CD Key better count on "Ben Fletcher"!

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And when i go to registera product it is not there because when i hade it one the first computer it kept on asking me for somthing and when i typed it in it said the website orsomthing was down please try agian later. Also when i tryto register it on the website it asks for a cd number and i clickthat i dont have one and thean wheni go to select a product the roxio game capture hd pro is not there?

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