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Glitchy Footage! Help!

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Ive had my Roxio HD Pro For some time now and when i first started using it for the first couple times it would glitch but ended up being fine after some use. Now it just wont stop glitching!! I have tried tweaking with the setting like recording in a lower quality but no luck.post-112215-0-02917400-1366490039_thumb.jpg



I understand i may not have very good specs on my laptop but it meets the requirements i need to run the roxio. Any help would be great.

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I hate to be the one :wacko:


A Celeron is not capable of running with the big dogs!


I have one PC I tried on with a Pentium 3 and a similar Windows Performance Index of 3.4 and it performs very poorly.


I am surprised that it ever worked... You could try, updating your video card/chip drivers and software and defragging you HDD and of course not letting any other application run at the same time , but I still would not expect too much.

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I see, Well thank you for finally giving me an answer to the problem!! As long as I now know to get a higher end Laptop I can put it on my checklist.


As you can see from my latest video the results i can get from my Roxio are not awful, just not amazing



Any ideas on a "Good value for money" laptop that would be ideal fro running my roxio?


Thanks again :)

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