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Media Selector Won't Work Correctly



I have Roxio Creator 2012 and my operating system is Windows 8. I am using the Edit Video Advanced program to compile a slide show and then add music in the background. I have done this before and it worked without a problem, but now the program will not allow me to access the music that is on my computer.

Here's what happened:

First, when I tried to access the music the program said it had encountered a problem and shut down three consecutive times.

On the fourth time, it let me access my music. I found the song I wanted and added it to the music soundtrack of the production.

I wanted to add another song, but the program is locked up. It will only allow me access to that one song and when I try to click on the folder icon allowing me to access other songs, it briefly flashes open and then closes me back--at least a dozen times I've tried this.

I ran the repair function on the computer and it did the same thing.

I then uninstalled the program and re installed it. This allowed me to access my music again and I added another song and then it started doing the same thing. It's locking me into the last song I added and won't let me access any other music. I don't understand what's wrong. I am really confused why it's doing this. Can you help?

I am no computer expert, so please be very specific about what I should do--Windows 8 is very confusing to me, so if you have advice for something I need to do, please spell it out.


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