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Issue + Suggestion



Hey all.


First time posting on Roxio's forums :)

Basically im just alittle baffled with the roxio hd pro software. I can be livestreaming or recording and randomly 1/5 of the time the software will stop responding for no reason. Now i am unsure if this is a known issue and it just happens randomly or its something im doing wrong.

What i can say is i completely reinstalled my pc and installed the software on SSD to help read and write, I still 'sometimes' get this issue.

My pc spec is an I5 3570 3.4 ghz, Gigabyte h61m-s2pv Motherboard with 4gb memory, Gtx 660, 2 agility 3 60GB SSD, 500GB WD Caviar blue.

Like i say its a fresh install with windows and the software onto seperate ssd's so im not sure whats causing these random crashes. Otherwise the device and software is great :D when it doesnt crash i can pull out full 1080p videos and 720p livestreams no problem :). File size is stunning.

My suggestion would be to include having the option to add a camera device into recording and livestreaming, not like anyone has suggested it before ;s but i find myself messing around using other software to record camera seperate and messing around editing/syncing both clips.

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The Streaming stopping is a bit vague... A few users have reported that but some say it isn't the software because it starts up again later!


That points to an interrupt in the streaming server.


When software stops working, it doesn't heal itself and start up again :lol:


Of course it could be the software, if it doesn't startup again... I would have recommended a Repair but since you already formated and reinstalled, let's see how that works out for you ;)


As for the suggesting, yes seems like a good idea, however, to reach Roxio, these are user-to-user forums, use your software to suggest that:



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