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Roxio Game Cap - Capturing Game At 3 X The Speed Its Running!



I just got the older Roxio Gaming Capture device today (yes i couldn't afford the HD one).


Having played about with it and got my weird matsui TV to finally display the xbox 360 (in black and white) I decided to check on the Roxio software. The image appears stable, and clear enough and in colour!


So on my Windows XP SP3 machine I set about recording - only to find that all the video recorded seems to be running 5 x faster than the actual game. Anyone any ideas how I can get out of this "Benny Hill running around" mode ?


Whilst playing the game and watching the capture there is the occasional jump but my pc is not amazing. So I can always edit the little jumps out here n there. But the playback shows that there is something very wrong as the speed of the playback does not match the game speed at all.


The playback is lightning fast.


Any ideas anyone ?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes - You can do it that way - OR - you can load the file into another editor and reduce its speed. Thats all well and good - but I would still like to know what on earth its doing to record so ridiculously fast; especially as slowing down the clips increases their size.


Also - for some strange reason - I cant get sound out of my 360 when using the game cap - there seems to be only a red and white input yet I have 3 wires there red white and yellow on the normal xbox Tv composite cable... any ideas on that ?


Thanks for the reply.

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