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Roxio Gamecap Hd Pro Stopped Working





I recently just bought a Roxio GameCAP HD Pro and I used it last night with no problems. I was just using it again earlier then I moved my computer out of my way to grab something and as I put it back the light on the Roxio GameCAP turned off and the signal was lost on the software. My computer does have the capability of supporting this which was obviously shown since it was working before. I am connected to a PS3 with component cables and then an HDMI cable to the TV from the GameCAP. I repaired the software to no avail. I did notice something popped up on my screen when this happened saying that my color scheme didn't support some of the things on the software or something like that. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but it automatically changed my color scheme. There is nothing in my device manager at this point either. Does anyone know what is going on? If you need more information let me know.

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You aren't providing any info. You are jumping to conclusion without taking the time to analyze the issue at hand and worrying too much about your feeling :lol:


No one is out to get you, we are trying to help you! ;)


It is possible you broke the port or shorted out board or damaged the USB plug... There are MANY possibilities here!


You did tell us that nothing shows up in your Device Manger when you plug in the Device...


You have Never said if the Device lights up when plugged into the USB? Does It?


You say you don't have another USB cable anywhere in your house... Do you have a friend you can borrow one from :huh:


Better yet, someone that you can install the software on their PC to test it out with! Any DVD or BD Player will work, just to prove it it working ;)


Relax we will get through this.

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Well what happens when that's not actually the problem? I'm out even more money. Is there any way I can test the USB cord?


Hook up another USB device using the suspect cable. You claim you tried all ports and they work. So you must have some devices you can use

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