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Need To Play On Mac,pc, Show Artwork And Song Names

Steven Anthony


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The audio CD format does not include that information. Instead, when an audio CD is inserted in a computer for the first time the computer searches the online Compact Disc Database (CDDB) maintained by Gracenote for any album/artist/track information that matches the same number of tracks and track length as is on the audio CD. That means you need to be connected to the internet the first time you insert the burned audio CD. iTunes and many other apps that play audio CDs will also download the album artwork if it finds a match. I think iTunes limits its artwork search to albums sold on iTunes. Artwork can be manually added to iTunes as well. The album/artist/track information is written to database file in one of the Mac's libraries and the artwork is saved to the iTunes library. Each time the audio CD is inserted the info is read from those libraries.


Users can upload artist/album/track info to Gracenote from either Toast or iTunes so that the information is present when the disc is inserted into another computer. It's good to only do this when you are planning to distribute the audio CD to others but nothing stops you from doing this with any audio CD.

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