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Freezing Issues On Dvd Playback Due To Encode & Compression.

Phil J W Moreton




I've looked through the forum and I cannot seem to find this problem.

This error is not a DVD disc problem as I have made a disc image a few times with exactly the same problem.


I have quite a large video file, just under 2 hours and then 2 smaller video files.

I've been through all the files and there are no problems with them before entering Toast.

Due to the size / length of the videos Toast has to compress them a little bit to fit them onto a single layer DVD.

The quality is fine, but every time that the video fades to black or fades from black etc, it freezes for a split second before continuing.


Why is this, and how can I fix this?


Has anyone else come across this problem?


Many thanks in advance to anyone that replies.



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I don't know. That momentary freeze generally happens when the player advances from one video title to the next. I haven't seen it happen within a video title so I don't know what to suggest. Maybe someone else has some experience or thoughts about this.

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