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Capture Video Source From Pc (Vga To Hdmi Converter)


Hi everybody,


I´m thinking to buy this capture device (Roxio Game Capture HD) but I would like to now if it´s ok for me. The thing is that I need capture Video Source from a PC and I´m not really sure if this capture device is going to work.


I want to take the VGA (RGB) Output of my PC, put it into a VGA to HDMI Video Converter, and use the capture with a laptop to capture that video source. :)


The thing is that I have some doubts:

- Color Space will be a problem? ...I mean, this capture can automatically capture any color space (YCbCr 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2, RGB 4:4:4)?

- Input resolution will be a problem? ...I have to select the input resolution in the capture software?

- HDCP in HDMI Port?


Thanks a lot!


Best Regards.

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Hi, i don't really know about using vga to hdmi converter, but i capture from hdmi source of one computer to another or to the same and capturing is fine. There might be an audio issue, though with your vga to hdmi converter, from what i read in these forums. HDCP doesn't seem to be a problem i can capture anything from the source computer. Color space isn't a problem that i know of the default setting should work. For input resolution, the roxio capture software will not start in less than 1024x768, however you can change resolution once program is started in capture mode. Also, something weird but cool, if your resolution is changed to 1280 x720, the program captures at 59 fps.

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